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  At the invitation of the IB (Internationaler Bund) youth, society and the International League of education, CMCC's party secretary, Professor Ren Bo led the director of the School of Health and Ageing Services, Zhang Jun and other members of the specialized nursing research delegation to Germany to carry out a 10-day cooperative curriculum development on talent cultivation system. Mr. Thomas and Ms. Guo Nan of IB group, Mr. Wolfgang Ditman, the general manager of the IB group, and Professor Trump, the president of the University of Berlin, received the delegation of CMCC.


It is reported that this was the third time that the scientific research group of CMCC had communicated effectively with IB Group on the cooperative schooling of nursing, and implemented the details of the introduction and setting of a series of courses. Through several exchanges, CMCC strives to build a group of majors with advanced educational concepts and distinctive talents, give full play to the role of demonstration in the professional education of nursing and the advantages of international cooperation in running schools, thus improve the quality of schooling.