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Chongqing City Management College

Chongqing City Management College is a full-time public diploma-level college, which is sponsored by Chongqing municipal government, constructed by both the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Chongqing municipal government, it is honored as “National Backbone Demonstration Vocational College”, “Advanced Unit for Vocational Education”, “Advanced Unit for College Students’ Employment Work”, “Outstanding Contribution Unit for Skilled Talent Education” and “Chongqing Municipal Model Vocational College”. The college was set up in 1984 as Chongqing Civil Affairs School with authority of Ministry of Civil Affairs. In March 2003, it was upgraded to be an independent tertiary education vocational college (Chongqing Social Work Vocational College). In March 2006, its name changed to Chongqing City Management College and covers an area of about 700 Chinese Mu. The past thirty years witnesses the school’s operation process with the spirit of “relying on civil affairs, serving local and developing with specialties”. The college has been improving its overall operation strength including scale, condition, environment and level.

There are 46 majors and 12 secondary colleges in the fields of social work, business administration, information engineering, electronic engineering, cultural industry management, engineering management, finance, tourism, health and services for the aged. The college is open to enrollment in 31 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions) with 12,681 students.

The college persists in the strength strategy of college with its emphasis on the talented faculty and the college takes the teachers’ construction as the foundational project. 6 construction programs is built including “teacher ethics”, “specialty teaching group”, “star teachers”, “backbone teachers training”, “dual-quality teachers training” and “part-time teachers”. “1228” longtime school-enterprise teacher training mechanism is formed with the concept of 1 mainline, 2 institutions, 2 platforms and 8 systems. There are more 694 full-time staff in the college. Among them, 213 are professors or associate professors, 1 expert enjoys special government allowance from the State Council, 1 is rewarded outstanding young and middle-aged expert of Chongqing, and 1 Chongqing advanced worker, 2 Chongqing model teachers and 4 Outstanding Youth Master Teachers of Chongqing higher education. The college builds 1 municipal post-doctoral research center and hires more than 500 experts from enterprises and industries for part-time teaching.

Our college attaches great importance to International cooperation and vigorously promote the Internationalized school-running strategy. By way of this, the scope of cooperation has been continually expanded, the depth of cooperation has been continually strengthened. Besides, we have a long-term cooperation and exchanges with universities in nearly 20 countries including the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Our college has set up workstations for overseas teachers in Wales and Australia and has established Vocational Education Center in Cambodia and Ethiopia. The number of teachers furthering education abroad is roughly 400; students about 200. Our college pays attention to attract intellectuals from abroad, so we have led in approximately 10 foreign experts and enrolled around 300 overseas students. Our college is granted to Our college is granted to establish the project of constructing a leading college in International cooperation in Chongqing and was twice rated as one of the 50 most worldwide influential colleges in 2016 and 2017.